Thank you for your interest in Lucent Blvd Apartments. Listed below are the detailed rental qualifications to rent at Lucent Blvd. If you have any questions, please call the leasing office and one of our associates will be happy to help you.

It is Shea Apartment Communities' policy to offer equal housing for all people regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap status, familial status, or any other state or locally protected classification.

All applicants, 18 years of age and older, must complete a rental application and pay the applicable fees. The following qualifications will apply to each applicant:

  • 1

    Application Fee - $50 per person (18 years and older)

  • 2

    Administrative Fee - An administrative fee of $200 is due at time of leasing and non-refundable after 24 hours unless applicant is denied.

  • 3

    Credit Report - Each application will be processed through a Shea Apartment Communities approved credit screening company. Income, credit rating and other statistical data are used to evaluate the application. There are three possible decisions:

    • Accept: The application is approved at the base security deposit.
    • Accept with Conditions: The application is approved with an increased security deposit. The increased security deposit will range between two (2) times the standard security deposit up to one (1) month's rent.
    • Decline: The application is declined and residency will not be considered.

    An applicant without a social security number will also be processed through our credit and criminal screening process. All applicants without a social security number, who meet the appropriate requirements, will be approved with an increased security deposit equal to two (2) month's rent.

  • 4

    Criminal - No felony convictions or charges and no convictions or pending charges regarding sex-related crimes. Any excessive criminal activity could also result in a denial.

  • 5

    Guarantors - A guarantor is required if the applicant(s) does not have a credit record or lacks sufficient income. They may not be used to offset unsatisfactory credit.

    • Only one guarantor per apartment is permitted regardless of the number of applicants.
    • An individual may only be a guarantor on one apartment at a time.
    • A guarantor must complete an application and pay the application fee.
    • The guarantor application will be run with the lease applicants through the Shea Properties approved credit screening company and must receive an approval rating of "Accept".
    • When a guarantor is used, an additional security deposit equal to one (1) month's rent is required.
  • 6

    Income Requirement - The total gross income required is two times the amount of the rent.

  • 7

    Occupancy Standards - Maximum two people per bedroom plus one additional person for the apartment. No more than three (3) occupants in a one bedroom, five (5) occupants in a two bedroom.

  • 8

    Renter's Insurance - Proof of renter's insurance for a minimum of $100,000 is required for the term of the lease from all applicants prior to the move-in date and distribution of keys.

  • 9

    Satellite Dish - Shea cannot guarantee the quality of functionality/reception of a satellite dish. It is highly recommended a professional evaluate the location of the apartment for proper functionality and installation in accordance with the lease. The satellite dish deposit is $200 per dish.

  • 10

    Security Deposits - Standard security deposits are:

    • One Bedroom - $150
    • Two Bedroom - $200
  • 11

    Smoke-Free Community - Lucent Blvd is a smoke-free community.

  • 12

    Vehicles - No more than 2 cars per apartment.

  • 13

    Pet Restrictions - Lucent Blvd accepts up to two indoor pets per apartment. Cats and dogs must be spayed/neutered and inoculated as required by local law for each animal. Resident must keep inoculations current within the local municipality. All other types of animals must be caged. Reptile and fish tanks cannot exceed 25 gallons without an addition to the security deposit. Tanks exceeding 25 gallons will only be allowed in first floor apartments.

  • 14

    Dog Breed Restrictions - Dogs are restricted by breed and Zenith Meridian does not allow any of the following breeds or any mix of the following breeds: Akita, Bullmastiff, Chow Chow, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Mastiff, Shar Pei, Rottweiler, Terrier (Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, Am. Staffordshire Terrier or Bull Terrier) or Wolf Dog.

  • 15

    Pet Deposits - Pet deposits are $200 refundable plus $200 non-refundable for one pet and $300 refundable plus $300 non-refundable for two pets. Pet deposits must be paid at or before move-in.

  • 16

    Pet Rent - There is an additional $25 a month pet rent per pet.

All rental qualifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: Dec 6, 2012