The Fix Is In - DIY Home Maintenance

Woman fixing the sink

To all our apartment renters, we want you to stay safe and healthy. Our communities and our residents have always been our #1 priority. Your home is your sanctuary and we are so glad to provide a place to stay safe during this trying time. Thank you for choosing us at Shea Apartments. We have your back.

We are taking extra precaution considering health and safety associated with COVID-19. The CDC outlined guidelines for how to clean and disinfect areas of your home. Read the CDC guide here.

We will continue to complete emergency service requests for residents and will postpone non-emergency needs (light bulb replacement, broken blinds, etc.) until we return to normal business practices. 

Non-emergency service requests will be handled over the phone by the maintenance team, when possible.  Here’s some solid advice from our maintenance teams on the DIY fix for common issues.


Be cautious of the amount of paper being flushed and avoid flushing any non-flushable items.   
  • Do not flush wipes
  • ‚ÄčIf toilet water is backing up, please turn off the water supply at angle stop located behind the toilet tank on wall above the baseboard  
  • Toilet clogs will only be considered an emergency in units with only one bathroom
  • If you need a plunger please notify the office and one can be dropped off at the front door (while supplies are in stock)
If your toilet does get clogged and you have a proper toilet plunger, follow the steps outlined in this video.


If part of the apartment is without electricity, check the breakers and reset them.  
  • No power to entire unit – please call utility provider
  • Part of your unit has no power – please check the breakers. If breaker is tripped please reset by turning breaker completely off and then turning back to the on position
  • No Power to bathroom or Kitchen outlets – please reset the GFCI outlet by pushing in the reset button
Watch the video below for best practices on breakers.

Bathroom or Vanity Sink

If the sink is slow draining, first try to remove hair build up from the drain. Pro tip: needle nose pliers work the best for getting in and taking hair out.

If the source of the problem can’t be reached with pliers, you can clear out the trap or unclog the stopper below the sink. This video is a great tutorial.



Garbage Disposals – please discard food waste in trash before rinsing dishes in the sink. If no power when switch is turned off, turn switch off and push red reset button located on bottom of disposal (this should restore power).

Refrigerator – do not over stock your fridge. Doing so will minimize the air circulating inside and cause your fridge not to work correctly. Do not push items to the back wall of the fridge and freezer.

Washer – do not overload machine.

Dryers – please check and clear out lint filters and then try the dryer again. Do not overload the dryer.

AC not cooling or heating – make sure the switch (high up on your bathroom wall) is in the on position, check the covered light switch over the condenser on your patio to check if it is on.

Microwaves – check the power cable is fully plugged in to the outlet.

Home Features 

Smoke Alarms – if alarm is beeping 1x every 30 seconds– replace 9v battery (notify office and they can leave a 9v battery at your door)

Light Bulbs - please call to notify the office and we can drop off a replacement bulb at your door.

Tubs - if tubs are slow draining, try to remove hair build up from the drain. Needle nose pliers work the best!

On behalf of everyone at Shea Apartments, thank you for working together with us on these measures. We will send out communication when we are back to normal business practices.