5 Annoying Things That Roommates Do

shea apartments lifestyle blog 5 annoying things that roommates do
Let's face it; roommates are a fact of life. Ideally, they help you pay the rent, keep the electricity flowing and tidy up before your mom visits, but no one is perfect. All of us have suffered in silence at the lazy or uncongenial attitude of a roommate, particularly when he's happily engaged in the following activities.

Excessive Dish Stacking

Helping out with the dirty dishes is so awesome of your roommate, until you realize he didn't bother to put away the ones in the dish rack beforehand. It's the most complex, Jenga-esque tower of all time, and it constantly leads to smashed plates and handle-less mugs. Have your roommate get a refresh on how to pitch in for cleaning your shared home.

Stealing Food

Nothing feels better than getting your fridge and pantry stocked up for the month. Unfortunately, the sight of a bursting cupboard full of treats is just as appealing to your roommate as it is to you. Though you're going to be labeled "Type A" for doing a grocery inventory, it just might be worth it to keep the roommate's grubby paws off your pizza pockets and pasta sauce.

Hosting Unplanned Weekday Parties

It's not that you're antisocial, but you're not crazy either. All-night parties with loud music and messy strangers are the kind of thing that should be relegated to the weekend and definitely discussed with the other residents of the household more than five minutes in advance. And after all that, guess who gets to clean up the mess and apologize to the neighbors? Yep. 

Letting a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Move in Unofficially

Coupling is a natural phenomenon, but it's annoying when it happens in your living space, and half of it doesn't pay rent or clean up after itself. Not to mention that the couch is pretty much always occupied, and you don't feel super-comfortable squishing in with the happy couple for movie night.

Using All the Hot Water

This is perhaps the worst of all offenses because it happens without warning and basically ruins your whole day. To shower or not to shower? Is it better to be a bit greasy all day or to freeze your brain and shiver for hours afterward? There is no right answer except to yell at the person who selfishly used up the entire supply of non-tepid water.

Even the best roommates are a pain sometimes, but isn't it all worthwhile when you have enough wages left over at the end of the month to get your own TV and never leave your room again? Thought so. However, if your roommate is on your last nerve, you can easily replace them using our roommate finder - we have your back!