5 Smart Ways to Handle Moving Day Like a Pro

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Check In Call

Call your landlord to verify the previous tenant is moving out of the apartment as scheduled at least a week before your scheduled move in date. From time to time, people have situations which prevent them from moving out of their apartment as scheduled.

Review Lease

Make an appointment at least a week before your move in date to review your rental lease agreement.  It’s better to understand and resolve any matters before you move into your new apartment. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until your belongings are packed up in boxes, sitting outside the rental office with movers charging you by the hour, and no other choice but to agree to all lease terms in a rushed state of mind.

Know the Office Hours

Make sure you know what the rental office hours are before you schedule your movers. Many movers prefer to start moving your items first thing in the morning. Keep in mind that if you need to pick up your apartment keys, the office may open later on the weekends.
shea apartments lifestyle blog moving day
Stay organized to make moving day smooth and easy.

Get Your Finances in Order

If your landlord requires your move in money be in the form of a cashier’s check or money order, be sure that you consider your bank’s office hours. Don’t wait until the day of your move to stop by the bank to get your funds. The majority of people move on Saturday and Sunday morning and many times their banks are closed.

Connect the Utilities

Connect your utilities before your move in date. Many landlords won’t allow you to move into your apartment without first providing utility account numbers. 

Congratulations, you're all moved in! What to next? We suggest scouting the neighborhood and going for a walk.