How to Clean Your Apartment

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Cleaning is like most things - if you do a little bit each day, it's much easier. Here are some helpful maintenance and cleaning tips for your apartment home. 


Vacuum frequently. Ground in dust will wear out the carpet. Please do not shampoo or steam clean your carpet. Contact the management office if you feel your carpet needs additional cleaning.

Counter Tops

Counters tops should not be used as a chopping block or hot plate. Use a cutting board for chopping or hot pads to protect the counter surface. Counters can be cleaned with a soft detergent like soft scrub.


For optimum efficiency, do not overload your dishwasher and only use dishwasher detergent recommended for automatic dishwashers. To clean the exterior of the dishwasher, wipe with a warm, damp, sudsy cloth. Rinse and wipe dry. Avoid gritty or harsh cleansers, as they will damage the finish. Generally the interior of the dishwasher is self-cleaning. The tub and strainer should be periodically checked for foreign objects.

Garbage Disposal

While your disposal is operating, always keep the cold water running. Sharpening of the blades can be achieved by periodically inserting ice cubes. To deodorize the disposal, insert orange or lemon peels. Do not use drain cleaning chemicals in your disposal. Never put bones, celery, onion peels, cornhusks, artichoke leaves, metal or glass down your disposal.  In addition, never insert paper products, matches or cigarettes. Grease and coffee grounds will also clog your garbage disposal. If your disposal does not work, turn off the wall switch, wait a few minutes and push the reset button. This is usually a red button on or near the bottom or side of the disposal unit located under the kitchen sink. Try to turn on the disposal at the wall switch. If the disposal still does not work, call the Management Office for maintenance service.

Patio and Deck Caps

You may place plants/flowers in suitable containers that have a protective pallet with legs (i.e. plastic, ceramic or terracotta) to prevent water saturation of the wood ledges beneath. Pest Control Pest control service is provided periodically for the exterior of your apartment home. If you have a pest problem, please contact the Management Office, so service can be scheduled with our vendor.
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Submit a maintenance request if you experience any issues with your sink.


Should the toilet overflow, remove cover off the tank and push the flapper down firmly into hole in bottom of tank. Turn off the water supply by turning handle located under the tank in a clockwise direction and call the management office immediately. If your drains are stopped up, please call for maintenance assistance. We ask that you do not use drain cleaners due to the hazards of chemical use and for the safety of our service team.


It is recommended to have your refrigerator and freezer temperature set at the manufacturers suggested setting, which is located on the inside of your refrigerator. For best energy practices you may want to ensure the doors are closed at all times not in use.


For normal everyday cleaning, please use a mild soap and water with a soft wash cloth.Do not use scouring pads or abrasive cleaners, as they will dull the surface. Other usable cleaners are: Scrub Free, Protect All, Formula 409, Mr. Clean, Gel Gloss, Glass Plus, Simple Green, Bon Ami, Bathroom Duck or diluted Spic and Span or diluted Pine Sol.  There is no need to use abrasive cleaners, as they will dull the gloss over a period of years. In extreme cases where the recommended cleaners do not work, use mild abrasive cleaners such as Soft Scrub or Liquid Comet. Any other product will ruin the surface!


For optimum efficiency, do not overload your washing machine and only use detergent recommended for clothes washing machines. In addition, small loads can easily become unbalanced and stop your machine. If your machine does stop in mid-cycle, open the hood, re-distribute the clothes and close the hood. The machine should start again. The lint vent on your dryer should be cleaned before each load to ensure minimal drying time.


Do not leave windows open during rainy weather. The moisture or water spots will create a permanent stain, and may damage windowsills and walls. Blinds can be wiped clean with a warm, damp, sudsy cloth. Rinse and wipe dry. Avoid gritty or harsh cleansers, as they will damage the finish.