Do you dream of owning a brand new home? We'll help get you there!

Welcome to the Shea Rent to Own Program. Is your goal to own your own home? Shea can help. Become part of our Rent to Own program and when it's time to buy your own new Shea Home, we'll apply $100 a month, up to $3,600 toward the purchase of a brand new Shea Home. Start investing in your future today.


  • A monthly credit of $100 (up to a maximum of 36 months or $3,600) will be accumulated for each full month the resident lives at a Shea Apartments property.
  • To earn a credit toward the purchase of a brand new Shea Home, the homebuyer must be a current resident named on the lease of a Shea Apartments property and utilize Shea Mortgage for the loan.
  • All Shea Homes and Shea Mortgage divisions are included in the program except Colorado.
  • Upon request, the Shea Apartments community manager will provide the Rent to Own Certificate to the Shea Apartments resident for written documentation to Shea Homes and Shea Mortgage.
  • Purchaser must present the Rent to Own Certificate to the Shea Homes salesperson at the time of deposit on the home. If the customer purchases the Shea Home prior to renting at a Shea property, the Rent to Own Certificate should be completed for the time period that the customer has signed the lease.
  • The Rent to Own credit, if approved, will be made part of the Shea Homes purchase agreement and will be applied towards non-recurring closing costs.
  • The credit is subject to Shea Homes approval at point of purchase and Shea Mortgage lender's approval and regulations.
  • No buyers broker will be allowed in conjunction with this program


Colorado Homes are not included in this program. Program rules and limitations are listed on the Shea Rent to Own Credit Certificate.