The Ultimate Guide to Working Out at Home

Mom Exercising at Home

Working Out in Your Apartment Home

The apartment workout is ideal for so many reasons: it’s convenient, safe, and gives you a new appreciation for your space. Your living area can be a Netflix screening room, an office command center, AND a full body gym all in one! Just move that coffee table an inch or two, queue up your TV or laptop to a workout video, roll out your mat and let the endorphins flow. There are so many free resources out there for yoga, pilates, strength training and cardio. Here are a few of our go to’s.

For a Short, High Impact Workout with HIIT and Circuit Training 

YMCA 360 offers dozens of short workouts ranging from 5 minutes to a full hour. Most hit that barely 30 minutes sweet spot though, so you can break a sweat and feel good about yourself during your at-home lunch break. Choose from Bootcamp with Monica (a HIIT class), Bootcamp with Jennifer (Body Blitz), Bootcamp with Cleveland (Low Impact Cardio Mix), and much more. The levels are mostly intermediate, and each video details what kind of equipment, if any, is necessary.

YMCA Video Classes.PNG

For fast, powerful workouts, YMCA 360 provides lots of free workout videos.

For a Little Bit of Everything: Cardio, Strength, Yoga, Dance, Kickboxing, Cycle, and Family Classes

Life Time features free on demand videos by workout category, including cardio, strength, yoga, cycle, family, and small group training. Click into any category and get immediate access to videos by hitting the play or start workout button. Our favorites include the Hip Hop dance class by instructor Jasmine, Kickboxing class by Amy, and Warrior Sculpt by Thor. (Yes, that's his real name). There’s also a fun section for Family Classes you can do with little ones, from meditation to yoga to HIIT!

Lifetime Family Classes.PNG

Life Time fitness center has gone virtual, allowing access to an impressive array of videos for the whole family.

For When You Want to Listen to a Flow: Yoga from the Podcast App

If you’re a seasoned yogi familiar with the positions but in need of an instructor to talk through the flow, flipping through Yoga titles in your podcast app could be a perfect match for you. Audio-based yoga allows you to close your eyes and concentrate on the instruction, without getting caught up looking at yourself in the mirror. Our favorite choice is Flow With Me Yoga by Natalia Hastings, who offers classes mostly around an hour. Her crafted vinyasa flows are well-structured, with good instruction on how to position your body. offers 25 minute instruction by Jason Crandell, with classes focused on a body part or a type of pose. Some other titles to search for are Yoga with Adam Hocke, Hillary’s Yoga Practice Podcast, and YogaGirl.

Flow with Me Yoga Podcast.PNG

Flow With Me Yoga is a free podcast on your podcast app, with instructional flows provided by a certified yoga instructor.

For When You’re Really Missing the Gym

As part of their #OrangetheoryAtHome workout series, Orangetheory showcases a new workout video on their website every day, as well as an impressive archive of all their videos they’ve been making all year. The at home workouts are backed with Orangetheory science, and MUCH more affordable than their monthly gym membership (a.k.a. they are free). 


The popular high-end gym Orangetheory offers free workout videos on their site everyday, and has an impressive archive of videos.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to packing in a quick workout in your day, there’s no easier place to do it than at your home. Try out some of these resources to incorporate a little workout into your everyday routine.