5 Top Companies to Work For in the Silicon Valley

Apple Headquarters Silicon Valley California

The world of Silicon Valley is one unlike any other. It’s a hotbed for opportunistic, hard-working graduates with creative minds, and is home to some of the most exciting positions in the entire technology sector.

Living in San Jose makes the dream of working in the Silicon Valley a reality. A wide range of phenomenal corporations operate out of this prestigious area, and listed here are five of the very best.


If you’ve seen the Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson movie called The Internship, you’ll already have a good idea about what working for Google as an intern is really like. Google's core mission is to organize the world’s information, making it universally accessible to their users, all while “doing cool things that matter”. High salaries, mind-boggling benefits and crazy-fun activities (like a staff bowling alley) make Google a terrific place to work.


Working for this computer software company gives you the opportunity to explore the country with a friendly team, attending fun business events all over America. What’s more, you’ll pick up a big salary and tremendous benefits en route. This global powerhouse company’s core values – genuine, exceptional, innovated and involved – have shaped every part of their culture. Adobe believes in working hard and playing hard, which is why you will be able to connect with co-workers on the basketball court, across the ping pong table, in the yoga studio and more. There is not a lack of innovation and fun working at Adobe!


A sleek, shiny corporation packed with happy, smiling faces, Apple makes their employees feel valued by involving them in a secretive, prestigious environment – believing that inclusion inspires innovation. Along with high pay, benefits and great feedback, you’re also part of a team that is actively changing the world of tech for the better. Working for Apple can be an experience of a lifetime but it can also become your entire universe - be prepared for long days – but there is limitless possibility to soar when you are an Apple employee.


The Facebook workplace was always going to be a hub for social activity given the company’s nature. With old school arcade games dotted around the buildings, staff-produced art plastered across the walls, and a gift giveaway bonanza when the company’s birthday rolls around, Facebook offers a fulfilling, uplifting work environment for all its employees.


Undoubtedly the least-familiar name on this list, Workday might not have the same ring to it as the likes of Google and Apple, but it is – according to recent employee surveys – the greatest place to work in the Silicon Valley. With a focus on “fun”, offering sports teams and clubs, family fun events, dogs at work, cocktail Fridays, fitness and yoga, pool, ping pong and foosball competitions – it’s no wonder they Workday was awarded #22 on Fortune 2015, 100 Best Companies to Work For.  Workday is a corporation who specialize in human resource software, and if you’ve ever dabbled in anything remotely similar, it’s certainly worth firing off an application.